Buggy Safari ( Daily Trip )

The popular Buggy Safari ride is an adrenaline sport and also a thrilling ride. Having experience is not necessary – after a short training and testing, you will be able to manage a powerful four-wheeled 4×4 machine. Overcoming thorny bushes, dunes and streams, clay and mud reservoirs (winter season), thickets and similar obstacles; strengthening your trust, getting vitality and energy, meeting new people, spending time in nature – what could be more enjoyable! Our tour takes place in the town of Çenger, which has a short transfer time, near Manavgat / Antalya. We have a free service starting from Alanya district to the border of Serik district.

Quality Tourism Buggy Safari

The total lap time can be up to 3 Hours.

This Trip Every day

Morning: 10:15
Afternoon: 15:15

Free pick up service :

pick up service Can take you from your hotel front or your holiday home.

if have hotel: before at 30 minute from start this trip, you must out to your hotel security side. Because, Service bus cannot Enter your hotel.

Quality Tourism Buggy Safari

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